Thursday, June 7, 2012

Movie of the Week: Tonight and Every Night (1945)

Tonight and Every Night

Starring: Rita Hayworth, Lee Bowman and Janet Blair
Directed By: Victor Saville
Synopsis: A photographer for Life magazine comes to London to do a story on a local theater troupe which never missed a performance during World War II. Flashbacks also reveal the backstage love affair between star Rosalind Bruce and a British flyer.

I recently purchased the Rita Hayworth film collection set off of Amazon and this movie was included! I was excited because I had never seen it before. It's based on a real theater in London called The Windmill during WW2. The performers never missed a show during "The Blitz" in hopes of keeping the morale up for the soldiers. It's a great movie filled with drama, fantastic musical numbers and wartime romance. A must see for any Rita fan!


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