Friday, May 13, 2011

My New Dolly Bag!

I was so excited to see that my Dungaree Dolly package had arrived today! This is my second bag from this company and I absolutely adore it!
It's always so nice to get a package from Dolly because it's wrapped just like a present and feels like Christmas! Mine was wrapped in hot pink and green leopard print tissue paper with a neon green cute!

This is the front of the bag. This is the Charlotte bag I believe and I picked the monster fabric for it. I'm obsessed with Universal Monsters so when I saw that she had this print back in stock I had to jump on it! I especially love the little faux leather bows and accents in the corners.

This inside is a bright neon green and has pockets inside for your cell phone, sunglasses, etc...oh and even a little place to put your pen!

This is the back..

Beth makes all her bags from scratch so you know you are getting something one of a kind! I highly recommend this company. She is very sweet and gives great customer service. Oh and let's not forget the beautiful handmade bags! So head on over to!

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